About Us

Who We Are

Livingston County First Responders Benevolent Fund is a 501(3)3 non-profit organization dedicated to assisting injured, sick, disabled or deceased first responders and their families.  LCFRBF leadership includes representatives from all Livingston County first responder agencies; Sheriff’s Department and Corrections, local Police, local Fire, EMS and 911, plus civilian representatives.

What We Do

LCFRBF provides financial and personal support for first responders in need as a result of injury, sickness, disability, death and other extraordinary circumstances impacting them and their family.

When We Act

The LCFRBF is dedicated to being there for our first responders in their time of need just as they are there for us in our time of need.

Where We Help

The LCFRBF efforts are focused on Livingston County first responders and their families.  Yes, there are exceptions and the LCFRBF has and will continue to reach out beyond our geography when extraordinary situations warrant it.

Why We’re Here

The LCRFBF is committed to assisting first responders in their time of need. First responders earn and deserve our respect every day.  They often are called on to do what many cannot or will not and do so at any time without reservation.  the least we can do is assist when extraordinary lifetime situations impact them and their family.

How We Work

First responders often don’t ask for help – the LCFRBF relies on the collogues and friends of our first responders to keep us aware of when extraordinary life events impact a first responder.  They do so by contacting the LCFRBF, a director or the board, and briefly explain the situation and how we might help. The LCFRBF directors then spring into action determining if and how to best support the first responder and family.


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